Fall 2015 Registration begins June 29th!

The Independent Learning Network, Inc. (ILN)  is a support network for Independent Learners* and their families in Coastal Georgia. ILN is a 501c3 non-profit organization established to address the need for alternative educational options in the region and is dedicated to the academic excellence of home-based and other non-conventional learners.

ILN services are recommended for:
  • All homeschoolers
  • Learners with exceptional needs (accelerated and academically challenged)
  • At-risk learners
  • Homeschooling parents who seek additional support
  • Families requiring a specific, individual service, e.g., tutoring, testing, intern services

ILN’s exceptional educators promote life-long learning and global thinking through personal curriculum planning, individualized instruction, and community programming while inspiring learners and bridging academic gaps.

*Independent Learners are defined as students who seek or are actively participating in home-based educational programs outside the traditional public and private school sectors.